Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Creative Capital performing arts grant

20 Jan 2009

Hello everyone.

I'm still somewhat stunned by this news...

...Jeff Rusch and I were awarded a performing arts grant by the Creative Capital Foundation! The initial grant is for $10,000 and we are eligible for up to $50,000 over the course of the project. In addition to funding for our project, which I'll tell you about in a minute, we also get to participate in Creative Capital’s Artist Services Program. The program "offers artists assistance in areas like as fundraising, networking, marketing, and strategic planning, with the goal of advancing both their projects and their careers".

Um, WOW. The application process spanned several months last year and it seemed like such a long shot that I tried not to get my hopes up too much. In fact, I had put the grant out of my mind entirely and assumed we would do our project this year without funding. So when I got the phone call, I happened to be at a restaurant at the time, and I promptly lay down on the floor in shock.

What is the project? It is to create a live synaesthetic presentation of my music. Jeff and I will be taking one step further the work we have done together in the past with our layered cello-plus-video performances in San Francisco, in Italy, and in France. The goal is to create an ideal live performance environment in which you, the audience, can experience a version of what I see in my mind's eye as I play.

I'm very grateful. The first meetings with Creative Capital are this week. The work begins!

Obviously, I'll keep you posted on all this as it develops. If all goes well we should be ready to perform in November.

2008 went out with a bang. I had a great time on tour with Amanda Palmer and the Danger Ensemble. I really love performing, and also I love to travel. Its already a blur of warm fuzzy memories. A special treat this time around was that I got to tour with my sister Laura and her pregnant belly (she is Amanda's as merch girl extraordinaire).

Now I'm also very eager to be back in my studio because being in my studio means I can WORK ON MY ALBUM, which I haven't been here to do since August. I've been tinkering away on it the last 2 weeks, hopefully productively!

Thanks very much for listening. I know these are tough times for a lot of people, but watching the inauguration today gave me so much hope.

celloly yours, Zoe


Blogger Ariel said...

Delurking to say "Congratulations!"
I adore you and you totally deserve it :)

Blogger Matt said...

Congratulations on getting the grant!

I'm still heartbroken that I didn't get to see you and AP together. It was a school night, and I would have gotten into about 30 fatal accidents trying to drive to Chicago by myself. So you need to take this new show EVERYWHERE so there's no chance I'll miss it.

Also, what's going on with the Amanda Palmer tour now? I thought that the show with you and The Danger Ensemble was going to be over after the US tour but it looks like you're still doing more shows. Is there still hope for me in Wisconsin?

Blogger Nick Keenan said...

This is the second best news I've heard all day. Don't fret - you had stiff competition.

Blogger The Dapper Flapper said...

Yaaay! I'm so excited for you, congratulations!!

You were effing amazing with Amanda, lady.

Blogger Tinker said...

Congratulations Zoe! So do artists create better with food in their bellies?

I spoke with you a couple times when you were touring with Melora. You said you were a computer geek in SF. Check this out. Neuro Headsets! Emotiv.com

It does all the processing on a chip but if it sent out brain waves, I wonder what yours would sound like layered in with the Cello.

Blogger timseley said...

that sounds awesome... I'm curious what Jeff has been using to control the video previously? Did he trigger video clips live or was it all pre-made and on the click? Inquiring minds want to know :).

Blogger john said...

I'm always interested in combined music/video works, and since I'm such a fan of your music I'm always hoping that someday you'll come out with a DVD.

BTW, this past Saturday evening I was pleased to hear your music as part of a dance performance in the Light in Winter festival in Ithaca, NY. Your piece "Sun Will Set" was the accompanying music for a dance piece by PUSH Physical Theater. It was a very interesting dance and your music suited it perfectly.

Blogger Unknown said...

I saw you with Amanda Palmer in Portland in December, and you kicked ass. Actually I also got your album over the holidays and sent you some fan snail mail to the address on this site.. hopefully you received that.
Anyway, Congratulations! That sounds like such an amazing project. I was actually thinking something exactly along those lines while listening to your music - how it would be cool to see a dozen images of all the different Zoes playing all of the separate bits simultaneously, so that one can get a real sense of the physicality behind each song. I can't wait to see how the finished product will come out!

Blogger Brian Lue Sang said...

This is wonderful news! Congratulations!!!

Blogger MS Patterson said...

Firstly, congratulations on the grant! I think filing and forgetting is the best way to do it.

Second, are you a synaesthete?
That would be very interesting.
I've always been a bit jealous of those who are. It seems like a richer life.

Blogger D.B. LeConte-Spink said...

Congrats, and clearly well-deserved. Can't wait to see what results from this line of inquiry. 'Natoma' has always been rich with colors for me while listening, I'm not at all surprised that it springs from an artist with similar proclivities.


Blogger mim said...

This evening I was lying on a cot in a studio in Paris, catching up on Radio Lab on my iPod and I heard your music. I felt like crying it was so beautiful. I then found your web site and now your blog and am reading about your getting this amazing grant. How wonderful! Congratulations! And now to buy your album. Thanks for the music!

Blogger jen + tommy said...


Coincidence that as soon as you had "put it out of your mind", and let it go, that's when it finally came through. If we could only apply that philosophy to other areas of our lives, I think we would be stunned quite often ;)

Have fun with the project!

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