Saturday, August 23, 2008

cello and audio-responsive visualization

Last month I wrote about my weekend at O'Reilly's Foo Camp. During my performance, I mentioned that I was looking to work with someone doing music visualization. Well, someone there (Jeffrey Veen) hooked me up with this incredible artist, Robert Hodgin.

His work is astonishing, here is a piece he did to a song by Trentemoller:

We thought it would be cool to try something together, so he invited me to perform a couple days ago during his presentation at Flashforward 2008 (an Adobe Flash conference). Here's a video of it, certain parameters of his animations are responding, live, to musical input from my performance (as I understood it: pitch, density, that sort of thing). I hope somewhere out there is better video of it, because it looked amazing from what I could see in the stage video monitor.

I'd love to do more of this kind of thing. I dream about midi control as well as audio since it seems like things could easily be triggered via midi data from my foot controller and Ableton Live.

If you know anyone, or have any interest yourself, write to me!! (info zoekeating com).

more about Robert:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is he using processing to generate those videos? Quite compelling, and definitely seems a good fit for your wonderful music.

Blogger moon said...

i heard you on radiolab and checked out your site. i'm a media designer and my interest is in data visualisation. when i heard your music and how you've incorporated digitalization in the creation of music i thought 'that'd be neat to work with!' i was excited to see that you've already started in the visualization of music. i am a classically trained pianist who ended up a media designer. i'm still a newbie however, i've always been interested in working on ways in which music, design, and data-driven design intersect. i think it'd be fun to try visualizing with processing ( let me know if you'd be interested in collaborating.

Blogger helenahandbasket said...

yes, processing it is...

as for collaborations...HIT ME. if you have something you're working on that you think would be cool, write to me at info (a) zoekeating (dot) com


Blogger videoDude said...

am interested to find someone who can do these audio-responsive program(s). Use it with DJ's and performers on stage and to be recorded on video.

Please write to me if you're interested and I can be found at

look at my videos.... and graphics.

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