Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pics from Oracle Open World

Just some quick shots of one of my Oracle performances. There was a 350 foot screen behind me, showing animated text that conference attendees were entering into kiosks around the Moscone center.


Blogger n8thane said...

I saw your performance before one of the keynote speeches at openworld in SF and really enjoyed it. I ran out and grabbed your CD off of Itunes as soon as I got back home. I don't typically ever buy classically sounding music, but I really loved what I heard. Thanks, and looking forward to more music from you in the future...

Blogger jwrighttok said...

Heard your music at Openworld (loved it). I too rushed to iTunes to get it.

Blogger Seán said...

I'm looking forward to hearing/seeing you play with Amanda Palmer in Manchester on the 6th. I've heard you on her album and it's going to be a great night.


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