Thursday, October 30, 2008

Live videos from Paris

Here are two videos from my performance in Paris last week at La Boule Noire. Thank you Fanch Oriant and Alexandra Opillard for taking video! Also, these two songs are still untitled...if you have any suggestions, write to me!


Blogger Paul C. said...

I think that the song in the second (bottom) video should be called 'Inquest'.

I'm still working on the first one :-P

I LOVE your work!

Blogger Matt said...

I absolutely freaking love that second one. The first one is good, but the second one completely blew me away. I just spent the past hour listening to it over and over and over again.

As for names, I don't know. A few days ago when I was looking over a vocab list for my English class I decided that "clandestine" would be a good name for a song though. If I wrote songs, I would totally use that for one of them. But I don't. So feel free.

Plans are shaping up for Minneapolis on December 5th. It's going to happen. I'm going to get there somewhere. I'm freaking excited.

Blogger NotActaeon said...

1. Procession
2. Hymn of Hills

Am continually amazed by your work. Thank you.

Blogger Kelly said...

1. Riverine
2. Arête

These new pieces sound like whole landscapes to me.

Blogger steve u said...

A title suggestion for the first song is "Transfer to Heaven" as it sounds like the summation of a lifetime and a pleasant transition to eternity.
Ths second song sounds like "Meadow Storm" as it feels peaceful, builds like a storm, then returns to peace.
I would continue to listen to both songs even without titles.

Blogger Unknown said...

top video: "She turns away"

bottom video: "Himalaya"

Blogger Unknown said...

your music is amazing. just got your first cd on amazon, after listening to you on an old radiolab podcast. at the moment, your music reminds me of bach, scratching, and the kind of minimalism i hear from people such as mr. glass. like infinite cats cradle.

suggestions for
the first song: monks hustling
second song: holding hands (walking&running)

Blogger Lana said...

Hello, Zoe!

Both videos are beautiful and both pieces are strong. I have been listening many times and can say that the bottom feels like catharsis to me, the whole cycle of it. This reminds about moments when needed to find new strength to up and go on. In such moments I'd like to listen this piece. And the top on a road to airport. that's are my suggestions =)
What do you think?

Blogger Eizner said...

I heard the first song at your Poptech appearance and I'm always impressed by the level of complexity you can attain in your songs. Please make another CD with these two songs on it. I would love to be able to hear them with full sound quality.

Name sugguestions:
First: Pilgrimage
Second: Truth and Sorrow

Blogger Anne said...

As I always love all your creations, these two are of course wonderful too.

The first one I think of the Trail of Tears

Second one makes me picture an 18th century ball and two potential lovers making eye contact across a room as everyone is dancing in between them. Then she is sitting in a ball gown by a pond with hints of snow on the grass gazing down at her reflection seeing the past of their relationships, as if their eyes meeting was the first encounter of love and her contemplating her love for him. She has flashes of their relationship and happy and sad moments.

Blogger Unknown said...

Sum up all the sadness and destruction of our times, coat it in butter, feed it to the fish of despair in the black lake of time.

End times, closure, departure from our healthy lives and healthy planet into the decay of greed and blind sparkling consumption.

Your timeless music is the sound track for this in my mind, in my heart, in my soul, in my tears.

Another ten thousand years.

Blogger M Watts said...

I absolutley love your music. I got the pleasure of seeing you live and meeting you briefly to offer you cake, in Seattle with Ms.Amanda Palmer, and you blew me away!

For the first song, how about "(tears?)falling softly on the changing seasons'

the 2nd one:
'Fairytale for Tragic Lovers'

congratulations on becoming an Aunt! Laura is a wonderfully nice person!
your fan,

Blogger JEP said...

Zoe, I think the crowd contributing to your weblog has badly missed the mark on your song title recommendations.

You could name your new songs "Bombs away" and "Happiness is a Belt-fed Weapon" and these people still wouldn't get it.

Your music is aggressive! It's the kind of stuff military formations march to in parades... and in other places. Ditto Wagner. Ditto Beethoven. Ditto Tchaikovsky. Ditto Brahms.

How a listener can compare your chills-down-my-spine inspiring music to the uninteresting yet pretentious garbage produced by Philip Glass is a mystery I leave to the new season of CSI Miami to decipher.

My serious recommendations your songs are:
A) "Gladiator" (with no apologies whatsovever to Russell Crowe)
B) "Mig Pilot" (with no apologies whatsoever to McDonnel-Douglas)

Warm regards,

Blogger JEP said...

Make that, "My serious recommendations for your song-titles are:"

Blogger Unknown said...

First: Ominous Resurgence, Without Words, Untapped Feelings
Second: We Must Proceed, Final Dance

Hearing the first on Radiolabs is what got me hooked on you. I have it labeled as simply, "Unknown". It leaves me without words to try to describe it.

Blogger Shelly Wilson said...

If you haven't named them yet (though surely you have) here you go:

1) The Murmur of Yearning. (Borrowed from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass: "This is the press of a bashful hand, this the float and odor of hair,
This the touch of my lips to yours, this the murmur of yearning")

2) This piece sounds like memory to me. This sounds like regret. This is the raw and painful best of us.

And, if it's not too much, not too trite, that seems apt: Best of Us.

Too conventional? Maybe some things--some notes, melodies--are captivating for a very certain reason.

Anyway, thank you.

Blogger MS Patterson said...

The thing I like about live performance is the variation.

Lord, I love that first piece.
I think 'shiver' is a fine title for it, though "murmur of yearning" is also quite nice.

The thing that struck me about the second piece was the clarity and force of intention to your playing,something the video really brought out to me, in a way that an audio recording might not. So something along those lines would be fitting, in my opinion.

Keep it up, and don't let non-attributions get you down! ;-)

Blogger Ana Muniz said...

Your are great! Very nice!

Blogger william.kolb said...

When you played the top one for Wired I'm assuming you had found the name "The Escape Artist". Please Zoe, record these! I would love to see them on a release!

Blogger Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Stunning talent, Zoe. Your work has brought my muse to a froth...


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