Monday, August 18, 2008

An action-packed summer in Zoeland

Last week I gave two private performances, one for execs of The Gap (and Top Secret!) and another for an "experiential photography" seminar lead by Jesh de Rox. Then, I headed off to LA to work with Mark Isham. I recorded some loopy cello layers for his score to "The Secret Life of Bees" and some solo parts. I learned the backing score was to be recorded the following day at Abbey Road by the London Chamber Orchestra...and directed by Mark via an iChat I'm toying with the idea of being able to say I've soloed with the London Chamber Orchestra!

I also dubbed all of Alicia Keyes cello parts since her character plays cello in the film. She actually looks like a real cellist in the movie, not awkward at all, so kudos Alicia, because that's not easy and she must have worked hard. Many a movie has fallen flat for me because the cellists didn't look convincing (Tous Les Matins du Monde, for example, a great film but the fake cello playing made me cringe). I did find it hard to watch her though as I was playing, because I kept getting distracted by how gorgeous she is and then I couldn't play properly. No I'm not gay, but some people have faces like that, I can't stop looking at them.

Anyway, it was all very fun. What I heard of Mark's score is otherworldly and shimmery and quite lovely and full of cello and what I saw of the movie looked great. Comes out on Oct 17.

Then I had 2 more performances, one hosted by Pamela Z and another at SFO. Now I'm rushing to finish all the things I need to finish before going on tour with Amanda Palmer. There's music to do for a documentary about Abe Lincoln for PBS' American Experience. And I'm trying to use an application called SooperLooper instead of my Electrix Repeaters. If that works, and its all a bit dicely honestly, I'll only need to bring a laptop and a footpedal on tour. Lots of technical details to work out....

I have another gig at SFO on August 29th. Its pre-security in the International terminal. The one last week was so surreal that I'm thinking of getting someone to videotape it so you can see all the tired and confused people drifting by me as I play.


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