Tuesday, September 30, 2008

in europe!

hello everyone,

i'm in edinburgh right now, in a fantastically homey pub called the Black Rose Tavern. the mohawked staff is attractively decked out in black, the music loud and punk, but most importantly, they have all day breakfast (black pudding!!), comfy sofas and free wifi.

anyway, i haven't had internet for a few days and see that i have a PILE of messages! i will do my best to read them all, but you should know that i might be a bit out of touch for the next 4 weeks since i'm relying on free wifi in conjunction with free moments to find the wifi!

thank you for the lovely messages. as some of you probably heard, amanda palmer got hit by a car in belfast. she stepped off the curb while looking the wrong way. thankfully, only her foot was injured, but pretty seriously, and she has three broken bones in her foot, a broken big toe and a cast up to her knee. the girl is a trooper though and even performed an extra long set in belfast that same night. so...the show goes on. send her your best bone-healing wishes....

i'm going to go now and have a wander while the sun is shining. i forgot how much i LOVE BEING ON TOUR.

celloly yours, zoe


Blogger breun said...

Did you know that around the time that you are in The Netherlands the Amsterdam Cello Biennale (october 17-25) is happening? But I see you have a concert in Belgium on october 24, so I guess you'll miss most of it.

Welcome to Europe and I hope to see you in Utrecht!

(P.S. The venue in Tilburg, oct 29, is called '013'. Your performances page says '13'.)

Blogger Unknown said...

It was great meeting you at the Dublin, Airport--hope you have a wonderful tour throughout Europe. Thanks for the CD---my favorite track is Tetrishead---I bought a CD off your web site and sent it to my son at the University of North Carolina at Asheville---I'm sure he'll think it is pretty groovy too.
Robert St. John

Blogger Aaron Ivey said...

freaking love your stuff... seriously great music!!

Blogger Thomas Schneider said...

Dear Zoë,
I really love your music; I have never written to another artist that I have not met in person before, but I felt compelled to write you. You have a wonderful energy I am attracted to you and your music, your whole process is amazing. I love the way you weave your sounds in such a mesmerizing way that really flows, so that I can make my artwork with your music in the background. I’m able to get into my flow of creativity that bursts out of my soul. I make my artwork to feed my soul and I feel that’s what you do too with your artform. My art is visual I make stained glass windows only using cedar and glass.
Yours Truly,

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