Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fall Tour with Amanda Palmer

i've been keeping quiet about so many things for so long i've been afraid i'd explode. to keep myself under control and not annoy anyone around me, i've had numerous frenetic gardening/weeding/raking/run-up-and-down-the-hill sessions.

so this is one...from the saucy lady herself...

AUGUST 2008 - ???

The august dates in US & Europe are going to be strictly solo piano...then i am going to be starting the world tour in europe in fall and bringing the danger ensemble & a small string section (including zoë keating!) with me. zoe will also be opening up and my good friend jason webley *might* be joining us for a good run of dates in europe. Conjoined twins Evelyn Evelyn may make their first european appearance as well...more info on all the support acts soon.

info on US dates (starting in november) will be also coming soon. as always, stay tuned to dresdendolls.com/calendar/ for dates, ticket links, support acts, directions, and other good things…

i am exciiiiited.

in other news...author Neil Gaiman, photographer Kyle Cassidy and I are working on the WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER photo/storybook which will hopefully be released right around the time the record comes out. I've never hung out with so many cool people in my life, it's making up for high school in spades.

love amanda


you might remember i went to nashville last year to record with amanda at ben folds headquarters...to hear what you are in for with her solo record, listen to the song Astronaut. i think the words EPIC SONIC EXPLOSION sum it up pretty well, don't you agree?

so, clearly a lot of excitement and exclamation points and lack of proper capitalization happening all around. thank dog the cat is out of the bag and i can stop controlling myself...almost

here be the dates so far...

Sep 27 2008 Academy Dublin, Dublin
Sep 28 2008 Auntie Annie's Porterhouse Belfast, Carlow
Sep 30 2008 Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh, Scotland
Oct 2 2008 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut Glasgow, Scotland
Oct 4 2008 Academy 2 Sheffield, Midlands
Oct 6 2008 Club Academy Manchester, Northwest
Oct 7 2008 Thekla Bristol, Southwest
Oct 8 2008 Concorde 2 Brighton, South
Oct 10 2008 Koko London, London and South East
Oct 12 2008 Knaack Klub Berlin, Berlin
Oct 13 2008 Star Club Dresden, Sachsen
Oct 14 2008 Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg
Oct 16 2008 Abart Zurich, Zurich
Oct 17 2008 Music Drome (fka Transilvania) Milan, Milano
Oct 18 2008 Komma Worgl, Tirol
Oct 20 2008 Szene Vienna Vienna, Wien
Oct 21 2008 59:1 Munich, Bayern
Oct 23 2008 La Boule Noire Paris, Ile-de-France
Oct 24 2008 Handelsbeurs Ghent, East Flanders
Oct 26 2008 Melkweg Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Oct 27 2008 Helling Utrecht, Utrecht
Oct 29 2008 13 Tilburg, Noord-Brabant



Blogger Matt said...

You just made my day forever! I get to cross out two entries on my concerts-that-I-absolutely-need-to-see-before-I-die list with the same undoubtedly fucking amazing show!

I was planning on seeing Amanda when she came to Chicago in August. But now I'm going to have to wait for this tour. Or maybe I'll see both. Who knows.

It always makes me a bit cranky that the closest city that ever finds itself on tour dates is Chicago. It takes quite a while to get there from here in Madison and it's difficult to arrange, seeing as how I'm only 17 and my parents don't want me driving that far.

I know that most of the dates have already been decided upon, and I know that my attempt to influence the tour dates through blog comments will be futile, but please please please come to Wisconsin! Both of you have quite a following here.

But my hopeless longings aside, good luck on the tour!

One last thing: do you have any idea when the US dates will be released? I'm a very impatient person.

Blogger Joel said...

That is quite an itenerary. I hope it is a wonderful adventure and that you meet many nice people.
-Your friend at Junji Productions
Cincinnati, OH

Blogger breun said...

I just discovered your music yesterday and here I find that you're coming to The Netherlands for no less than three shows! I hope I can make it to at least one of those.

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