Monday, June 30, 2008

Surreal Life

I just found this on YouTube. Its a short film set to my music, common enough (ok yes, I was searching for myself! I'm looking for half-way decent live you have any??). A very clever little artpiece I think and it appeals to my appreciation of surreality.

However, all the comments are in Spanish, so I have no idea what all the commentary means

youtube link

So yeah, that's cool...aren't you thrilled...but then...wait, there is a video response...

youtube link's another one!


WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? (hopefully these people are being nice to each other?)

Spanish speakers, help me out. Although maybe I don't want to know?

Anyway, I have no idea what is going on, but I love how weird my world is sometimes (there I go quoting Paris Hilton again).

I've been wanting to make a music video for ages, and actually filmed one with a crew in 2005 that never got edited (6 DV tapes sitting in a shoebox somewhere...where?) ...but maybe this kind of thing is better?


Blogger Matt said...

Using my incredibly fluent Spanish magic I will attempt to make sense of all this:

The title of the video, "una linea casi recta," means "an almost straight line."

Provided that fotograma means camera, "eso lo hace cualquiera aburrido del fotograma" means "this is what happens when one gets bored with the camera." If it doesn't then that probably means something completely different.

"jajaaja, yo estaba entre lobato y moby xDDD" means "hahaha, I was between lobato and moby." Most likely in the context of not knowing what the music was.

"no entiendo nada" means "I don't understand anything."

"q wapo tio, como se llama el tema que suena?" means "something about your uncle, what is the name of the song?" I think. Actually, disregard that one. I have no idea.

"alguien me puede explicar por favor que tipo de broma es esta? que significa?" is "can somebody please explain what type of joke this is? What does it mean?"

"me gusta mucho el video, pero la unica relaccion ke encuentro del titulo con el video es la line de la mampara de baño, que parece que gira en torno a ella, pero creo ke esta echo para dar que pensar (multiplicidad)
si a alguien le ocurre lo mismo ke me lo digaa!! thank!!" means something like "I like the video a lot, but the only relation to the title that I found is the line on the wall of the bathroom, which it seems to revolve around, but I think that it went away to show what he thinks (multiple times.) If this occurred to anyone else tell me! Thanks!"

I'm not really sure if I fail miserably at Spanish, or if this is what they actually say. Actually, since this is Youtube we're talking about, I suppose that it's entirely plausible.

My work here is done.

Blogger Rosa Murillo said...

Zoe, the comments overall say that they want to know where he found the music, who's the author, etc, and also they say that they don't really "get it" and why is it called a "straight line". Also other people say that the music is really what makes the video so thrilling, and the multiplicity of the image adds to the schizophrenic effect, etc.
The comments are not really that smart, though.
I love your music! so happy to have found it. I paint to music, so I can't wait to download your cd!
best of luck!

Blogger Unknown said...

As I was watching the stick figure video, my two year-old sister decided to mess with the computer.
She watched the figure dance, jumped off of the chair beside me, and started immitating the stick man.
She spazzed out.
I listen to your music often, and whenever it is playing, Madison recognizes it and starts dancing.

She loves it.

Blogger Hans said...

Hey, your music is really great! If you would ever need a filmmaker/motion graphics designer to shoot a music-video, don't hesitate to contact me, haha!

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