Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Northeast & Midwest tours, NPR & Tears for Fears

Hello Cellofriends,

I've been having a very productive and enjoyable month of composing. It really is such a joy to be writing new music and its been just spilling out. I'm trying to capture it as quickly as possible before it evaporates (I don't know if it WOULD evaporate, but better safe than sorry).

A little interruption though to announce some things....

In case any of you are NPR listeners, I'm on All Things Considered today. Tune into your local radio station, or you can hear it on the NPR site.

I have short Northeast tour planned for November. There are more dates coming, but here are the three confirmed so far:

Nov 5 - Boston, MA
Nov 6 - Burlington, VT
Nov 18 - New York, NY

And in two days, I'll get to live out my fangirl dream, and play a cello version of Mad World with Tears for Fears at their Northern California shows this week.

There are other things:

- A speaking engagement on Sept 12 at the SF Music Tech Summit
- A short performance on Oct 3 at the Fillmore in SF to kick of the SF Mayoral Candidates Forum.
- The November 3 premier of the Kepler Project at the SF California Academy of Science Morrison Planetarium. I'm currently composing the score and it's an inspiring subject to write music for: snowflakes, harmony of the spheres, paradigm shift. Plus it will happen in a DOME.
- A Midwest tour in Feb 2012
- A new work for the Low End String Quartet that will premier in April 2012.

Tickets and details for all these events can be found HERE.

Thank you, thank you for listening!

celloly yours, Zoe


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday I heard of you for the first time on NPR. Your music is so moving, and the way you describe it sounds so much like my own editing process when writing stories (getting the bones down and then adding layers of details).

Now that I've found your website, as soon as I get home I'll download your CD to my flash drive.

Anonymous Brian said...

Hey Zoe,

I too heard you on NPR on my drive home from work. I listened to your music and was moved by the awesome compilation of sound. I am an electric bass player, and after listening to the NPR snippets, tried to emulate the sound on the bass. It is evident that the sound comes from your soul.

Thanks for the music.


Blogger Rod Magnuson said...

You were incredible at the Tears for Fears show last night. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Blogger zoopunk said...

absolutely beautiful music. thank you.

Blogger Teuta Avdiu said...

Your performance @Hiro Ballroom, NYC. was breath-taking and inspirational. I could have swore that the entire city went quiet the moment your fingers touched the cello, well, at least that's the effect your music had in that room. Thank you a million times for what you gave your listeners that night. It will forever remain in the tunes that play in our unconsciousness.

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