Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new album is here!!!

Dear Friends, Family and Fans,

At long last "Into The Trees" is shipping!!!

It felt rather epic getting the album out. There were an astonishing number of snags that had nothing to do with me having a baby. Maybe I'll tell you the story later when its aged enough to be funny...

For those of you who pre-ordered....thank you again. My wonderful sister is mailing your CDs as I write this. To tide you over until your copy arrives in the post.... the album is temporarily streaming at

For those of you who would still like a physical copy...the album comes in 2 flavors: a regular edition with 11 tracks in a cardboard digipak; and a deluxe edition with 16 tracks, album notes and photo-booklet in a cardboard digipak. Both can be obtained on my website

I don't know when "Into The Trees" will appear on iTunes, hopefully soon, but digital copies (including 320k mp3 and FLAC) can also be downloaded at

THANK YOU for your patience and I hope the music is worth the wait. I've already started on Album #4. I've found motherhood so inspiring and my head has been filled with music since I gave birth six weeks ago.

Now, the next step is to tour....;-)

celloly yours,



Blogger Unknown said...

Due to a happy accident I heard your music for the first time last week. Bless you for your focus on the cello. May motherhood fill your cup. Hope to catch you on tour someday.

Anonymous Geert Bevin said...

Thanks for your music, I discovered it during your Live4Pakistan performance, really enjoying "Into The Trees". Take care, Geert

Blogger Frank Béla said...

I've just bought the album from your site - it is awesome. I'm happy I've found your precious art.

Hope all is fine with you and your family - I wish you the best while enjoying the music.

Anonymous Ben said...

Found "One Cello..." a week ago and it is ingrained...listening to "...Trees" now. It has been a long time since I have been as moved as I am by your music...incredibly deep...emotionally profound...thank you is insufficient. I am anxious to hear the inspiration you will surely find in motherhood...sincere congrats Zoe...

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