Friday, August 27, 2010

NPR, BBC, NBC and other acronymns

I've had a stroke of media luck this last week. I was interviewed by Laura Sydell for NPR's All Things Considered. Then, over the weekend BBC played me on "Introducing with Tom Robinson" and NBC used one of my songs (without telling me, ahem) in a Dateline special about Hurricane Katrina. Not a bad week!

NPR: Women Musicians Seize on Social Media

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson (I'm about 1hr30 in)

NBC Dateline: Hurricane Katrina, the First Five Years (my music at 06:51)

Right now I'm working on three things. First, my composition for the 01SJ Biennial with digital artist Robert Hodgin. We'll be premiering a BRAND NEW WORK in San Jose on Sept 18th. Here's where you can find out more details about both this incredible art festival and the concert.

01SJ Biennial "Build Your Own World"

And second, I'm recording some more cello loops for Mark Isham for his score to a film called "Warrior" (can't remember if I mentioned it, but less than 1 day before baby Alex was born, I recorded parts for another of his scores...a Robert Redford film called "The Conspirator"). Then, I leave in less than 2 weeks for Switzerland, where I'm performing in the tiny town of Ilanz and in Berne. Thank goodness baby Alex seems to enjoy far ;-)

Zoe Keating at Cinema Sil Platz: Sept 9 & 10

My concert with Apex Dance at Boulder Chautauqua was heaps of fun. Thank you to Apex Dance, Dan Gesmer of Seismic Skate and the Colorado Music Festival for hosting Jeff, Alex and I and for making my first major concert as a mother logistically possible. And thank you to everyone in Colorado who came to see us!

My next goal is to do a national tour to play for as many of you as possible. I'll need your help in figuring out which cities to visit...but more about that in my next post.

Anyway, I hope you've had a wonderful summer, nutty weather and all.

Thank you, thank you for listening....

celloly yours, Zoe


Anonymous Philippe said...

So glad you're comming to Switzerland! Ilanz is a little bit far off but you wrote that you'll also play in Berne. I couldn't find any date nor venue. Is it already known?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be great if you could come to upstate NY/northeastern PA. Any of these cities would work: Binghamton, Ithaca, Syracuse, Scranton. I love your music!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the deal with NBC? If they didn't ask your permission, does that mean they also didn't report the track to the PROs so you'll at least get a performance royalty?!?

Might be worth checking into...

Blogger Unknown said...

hi, some how I have just found your site and your music. I have downloaded the latest cd. Thank you. John in Australia

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got your CDs, Enjoying them very much!
Great blog update, thanks for sharing.
How about a show in Rochester, NY?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just developed a gigantic musical crush thanks to Radiolab. I'm pedaling around town and fixing up houses with your lovely work marinating my mind. I want to stop strangers and force them to put on my headphones it's so good. Thank you!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was nice today at all 2gether now!
Would be even better if you could play in Berlin sometime soon!

Blogger Melissa said...

I've been following you since Rasputina and I love the latest CD. I manage a beautiful outdoor venue in Central Pennsylvania and would love to see you on our stage!

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