Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A few shows in Jan & March

Ahoy me cello friends,

Baby Alex (aka Cellobaby) has shown himself to be a happy sailor. He seems to enjoy new places, people and singing along during my concerts. So while the going is good, I have a plethora of performances in the approaching months. If you don't see your fair port in this list please do not be alarmed! In the coming year I do really intend to visit as many locales as possible, but I must do it in small chunks. Stay tuned for more concerts as I book them.

One huge way you can help....tell me where you are! While we might occasionally frequent the same cafes in the astral plane (you know that one with the red sofas?)...I only know the terrestrial location of a small fraction of you. To tell me where you are, just sign up on my email list (I won't write you too often, don't worry).

Lastly, I wanted to mention that (cough) my cd "Into The Trees" could be the perfect gift...say for a certain someone you'd like to impress with your sublime musical taste...or maybe as a peace offering to an estranged relative...or maybe to the person who seems to have everything and you never know what to give them. My sister Laura has been doing an amazing job sending cds off to every corner of the earth, and if you need them sent speedily or to be gift wrapped, she can do it (just say so in the order). They are available at the usual place:

Here are those shows in 2011...

The Independent
628 Divisidero Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Le Poisson Rouge
New York, NY

Mar 11: BOSTON
Cafe 939
939 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02115

Teatro de la Ciudad
Mexico City

The Kate: Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
Old Saybrook, CT

Thank you yet again.

celloly yours,



Blogger Brooke Kuhlmann said...

If possible, it would be great to see you play at the Red Rock Ampitheater ( Not sure how hard or expensive it might be to book there. Best time to be in the Rockies is summer, of course. Anyway, love the new album and will be downloading the digital version shortly!

Blogger Carl said...

I'll lobby for a Seattle trip. Ideally (hey, I can be selfish on this post), it would be at the Edmonds Center for the Arts (just a few miles North of Seattle).

Anonymous Linda said...

Zoe, Your cello music has found a happy spot in my heart. I can't stop listening and telling people, and having them give you a listen. Into the trees has become the soundtrack of my life. You are a genius. Please come to Texas! I am in San Antonio but would travel FAR to see you.

Blogger Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing you on March 11th in Boston. Tickets are now available.

Blogger Assaf Vestin said...

My wife and I will be at the NYC show in March. Looking forward to it!

Blogger MyTreeTV said...

Your music is wonderfull!

Blogger bridgid10 said...

I ditto Carl! You have fans out here!

Blogger Stanka Kordic said...

CLEVELAND! I'm serious! OH, and what a great painting you would make!

Blogger Stanka Kordic said...

CLE VELAND! I'm serious! OH and what a great painting you would make!
thank you for sharing your music..

Blogger 2501 said...

w00t! You are coming to Mexico! I'll see if I can drop by your show in Mexico City, as I am from Monterrey (... think it might be possible for you to show up here?).


Blogger Ria Ria said...

Only 2 concerts in Europe & both already sold out??? What a bad joss I have...

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