Saturday, December 15, 2007

Time's fun when you're having flies

Good grief. I haven't written in my blog, I am so horribly behind in my social networking, I haven't responded to everyone's lovely messages! My life is too busy to properly document it! Argh! I suppose this is a good thing... I'll give you a quick update on what have I been doing, and then I will dive back into the note mines.

I've been writing and recording the soundtrack to a documentary about an extinct bird. Just putting the finishing touches on the score now. The film, called "Ghost Bird" should be out early next year. I'm really happy with what I've written for it, it's brand new musical territory for me.

Quite a bit of traveling...I got back yesterday from London, where I drank a lot of tea, visited with family, and went to a fantastic birthday party (still recovering from that actually) for a tall and beautiful English lady named Imogen.

In between traveling and filmscores and renovating the "new" house, there is my latest album. Yes, it's been going slower than I would like, but I remember that when I did the last one, not only was I not so busy, but I had a private, soundproof studio. My new studio won't be finished for a long time (the priorities for the house right now are to 1) stop it from falling down and 2) make it warmer than outdoors), so until then, I've setup shop in a spare bedroom. Unfortunately, every time a dog barks, a car goes by, or someone uses powertools...I have to re-record what I just did. The good news is that all the parts are recorded now, and now I just have to mix and arrange them. Go ahead dogs, bark!

Anyway, there are a few new things online...

One is a video podcast of a performance of a new piece of music at Pop!Tech in October. I wrote it specially for the occasion and it doesn't have a title yet (any ideas?). It is available along with the talks of other presenters at the conference, on iTunes:

The podcasts of this year's conference are really inspiring. So if you have some time, and if you've already had your morning coffee (it helps) I strongly encourage you to watch a few.

Next, there is another multimedia slideshow up on the New York Times today, this one about China's seafood industry, and using my song "Updraught".

Ok. That's it for now! Thank you for listening and I hope you are managing to stay warm, wherever you are.

celloly yours, Zoe