Monday, August 27, 2007

Where would YOU like me to play next?

Hello my friends,

I am finishing up my latest monstrosity, er I mean new album, and when it eventually comes out I'd like to do a wee solo tour to support it. Here's my nutty idea...I think you, beloved audience, should decide where I play next.

To faciliate that, I've set up this "Demand" thing on a site called Eventful. How it works is that you "Demand" that I perform somewhere, and it keeps track of your requests. Then I'll know where you are, and will do my best to perform there.

Don't know if it will work, but it is worth a try! All you have to do is click below and Eventful will take care of the rest.

Maybe only 2 people will sign up, but I guess that's enough for a small cocktail party at least! Thank you very much!

best, Zoe


Blogger Unknown said...

I think we could put on quite a show for you here at MIT. Ever since your music was put to that beautiful/horrifying slide show of China's environmental crisis, your name has been associated with the green revolution that many students here are so committed to. I would be thrilled if you came to play for us.
Sean Pont

Blogger the subject said...

Austin (TX) wants you really bad. You're one of my favorite artists, and I hope the appeal of playing in the live music capital of the world is enough appeal for you! I just know you'd have a great concert here.

Blogger Umit said...

England please! :]

Blogger Unknown said...

Me encanta, i hope you come to México. I´d like to know what kind of music, album or song you feel that express what u have inside.

Blogger bailey curry said...

I saw you once in Arizona, and I'm sorry for the both of us for you to have to play to such a horribly unapreciative audience (or at least that was my impression. Arizona concert goers have never been very nice).
Anyways, if you would be so very kind to come to Angwin, CA (or at the very least somewhere close to there) it would do my heart some well needed good. I can't say for sure, but I'd like to think that you would be welcomed with wide arms at PUC. In any scenario I'd be hard pressed to miss you wherever you end up performing.

Blogger bensize said...

Boulder, CO!
The music scene here ought to be called 'Mr. Taxidermy Music Scene' on account of bo'cuz it's arm fell off. lol, no but I'm tired of bluegrass and 'dead jam bands and that's all we seem to have.

You'd do better in Aspen tho. I'd drive up there for it. TWEET!

Blogger Eternally Mine said...

It wouldn't let me add my country.. New Zealand! Come to Queenstown!

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